Let’s be honest from the get go. If you are looking at this website, then it’s likely that you are considering me as an option to make a film for YOU.


A collection of content I have directed for agencies, brands, organizations, passion projects and people.


A variety of short films that I have edited, filmed or both in collaboration with other filmmakers.

We need to talk about the WHY before the WHAT and the HOW.
You are a content brand whether you know it or not. The term content is broadly defined and constantly changing. I’m here to narrow down your options and focus on online video content.
We live for connection, and we connect through experience. My passion is film. I want to tell a story, that is captivating, to the point and visually arousing. Because after all we are visual creatures, but more importantly this experience needs to be honest and authentic.
Let’s start by creating conversations between people and remind them that they are more than just another follower lost amongst the bought bots, but they too are people, like you and me.


I want to strive towards crafting captivating, informative and inspiring stories to spark a call to action In an attempt to create the ever elusive “better future” we are always reaching for.
When people are given a chance to speak from their hearts and share their stories, new insights are heard, perspectives are broadened and inspiration is found. This is the transformative power of film.

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Gareth Kaatze is an aspiring filmmaker who’s young, passionate energy merges with his creative vision to make films that are alive and vibrant. His optimistic, profound and enlightened view of life is what allows him to create films with a lesson to be heard. Kaatze creates the films for no other reason than his genuine love for his passion – this passion filters through every piece of his work, and is subsequently what brings his films to life.

“The reason I got into filmmaking was to tell stories and find inspiration in honest moments.”