This film was edited by Gareth Kaatze – @garygoodness
Filmed by: Dan Mace and Fabian Vettiger
Music by: MIKE KELLY
Filmed on: Sony A7s
Drone: DJI Phantom 3


This time round I traveled to Zanzibar an island off east Africa to create a film on sea turtles for great big story, a new YouTube channel that makes films for change, so sick.

In these films I’m going to stop speaking about myself and me being all inspiring and shit and rather be real and raw. Share the realities. I am super privileged to travel around the world and direct all these films, and learn new things every day. I want to share these experiences with you as I go, that’s my give back. Join me on my journey not to seek happiness, but rather beautiful and some times Gnarly experiences.

When getting deep into understanding what’s going on in the world with global warming, extinction of wildlife, depletion of renewable resources, war, terrorism and rioting you start to lose hope in what’s to come, right. The world seems like a pretty dark place at the moment with everything that’s going down. Seems like everything that’s beautiful is one day going to die and Decay – which is mostly true. But Is this the attitude that’s going to create change – sustain what’s left?

Let me share a story with you about a group of locals on the tiny island of Zanzibar that are completely unaffected by the media and daily negative information. Green back turtles use to live on the shores of Zanzibar, breed and lay eggs right there in front of the locals, but with the increase of tourism the fisherman had to increase the size of their nets in an attempt to catch more fish in tern catching the sea turtles too, with not knowing any better they would then eat the turtles meat and use their shells for different house hold and protective reasons. Slowly but surely people from the community started realizing a decrease in the amount of sea turtles on the shores of their beaches as well as in their oceans so they started conserving them the local people did this alone without the help of any outsiders. 15 years later they have successfully educated all the fishermen and local people and brought the green back turtle back to its natural habitat. Does this not start to restore your faith in people. A small community like that can completely restore the amount of green back turtles on their shores.

Understanding what’s going on in the world is crucial being it negative or positive and yes currently there is a lot more negative going down, but don’t loose hope in the small positives and the goodness in most people around the world. We are all fighting the same battle at the end of the day so for the most part let’s try work together to look after what’s left. It’s cool to conserve!